men's shoe shine is an essential part of dressing etiquette

Properly maintained and well polished shoes make a striking impression on the others and shoes can be an effective fashion statement also. Shoes have a significant role while at work or at a party or that special dinner one might attend. In fact shoes complete the manner in which one dresses. As much as it is important to wear the right type of shoe it is even more important to maintain the shoes in top condition with a perfect shine. Men’s shoe shine speaks of immaculate dressing etiquette that is often accorded a high place while judging a person.


Men’s shoe shining task hardly takes less than 20 minutes each time. Besides the cost of a complete shoe shine kit is also affordable and most of the items like brushes are durable for a long time while some of them of like shoe polish and wax need to replenish as the usage goes. It is always wise to purchase a good shoe shine kit even if it is a little expensive as the quality speaks for itself. Typically a men’s shoe shine kit comprises of a shoe shine and polish brush, shine of buffing cloth, a shoe horn, standard brown and black polish and an all purpose leather cleaner and conditioner.


Wearing lackluster shoes for daily wear at work or for special occasions can have a negative impact altogether however with a bit of effort and the proper shoe shine kit one over comes this. One need not be in the armed forces wherein shoe shine is stringently enforced to keep the shoe shine in top notch. Besides regular shining of shoes not only makes them look good but it is an essential part of the maintaining the leather as the polish helps moisturize and waterproof the leather thereby increasing the shoes lifespan.







Men’s shoe shine – For the perfect looking shoes!

For the perfect looking shoes you need to polish them right. You might think you are a veteran at this just because you have been doing it all your life. But always remember this, there is always a right procedure to do any thing and this applies to shoes too.


The procedure for men’s shoe shine begins with cleaning. For the perfect shine cleaning is like a foundation. Clean every part of your shoe, even the sole with a soft cloth. In case they are really dirty try using a saddle soap. The next step is conditioning especially for leather shoes. This makes them soft and flexible so that it doesn’t crack for a long time. Now the shoes are ready for the polish.


The main thing to get the best men’s shoe shine is to make sure the polish matches the shoes. If you are doubtful it is better to take one of your shoes for comparison. Now apply the polish evenly for one shoe and let it dry. While the first is drying apply polish for the second. After the shoe polish dries, start the shine process with a wet cloth. A horse hair brush is even better. Add a few drops of water and continue rubbing till you get the best shine for your shoes!








The need for a good shoe shine-how real?

We have heard how impeccable men were always known for their good taste in dress. And in today’s world, especially the corporate world, appearance carries oodles of importance. It can make or break a business deal, and the impression it makes on a client is indisputable. To preserve this aura of efficiency and dignity most corporate impose strict dressing discipline. And we see all the others follow suit too. Business schools, consultancies and agencies follow up good attire with the right accessories: belt, cuff links and shoes shined to a turn.


When such importance is afforded to outward appearance, anyone who does not follow suit will look dull and scruffy by contrast. The truth is the need for a good shoe shine is high as it carries an impression of respectability and intent to do a job well – any job. It shows to a potential client that his or her projects will also be well taken care of by a set of individuals who care so much about the impression they give out. To business partners it gives out the message that they should measure up in their quality of work and any mediocrity will not be taken light of.


It may not look on the outside that these things like the need for a good shoe shine matter, but they do. There is a reason we were all taught from school that grooming matters.







Why and How to dress for diner at a fine restaurant?

When you arrive at a restaurant the main idea is to have a fantastic meal. Nothing beyond this crosses our minds. Many men are not aware that there is a dress code that exists at certain restaurants. It is not your fault if you do not know how to dress for a diner at a fine restaurant. Most men are aware that they are to dress formally but there is more to fine dining than that.


Most restaurant now-a-days are not very casual about the dress code and hence it is easy to get away with what you wear. Most people do not know how to dress for a diner at a fine restaurant. The acceptable dress code for fine dinning is generally a blazer or a sports coat, teamed up with a collared shirt, slacks and dressy shoes. This means that jeans and snickers or sports shoes are a big no.


The reason you have to be careful while dressing for diner to a fine restaurant is because you never know who is watching you or who may be dining with you. You may accidentally see your boss or even the vice president of your company at the same place and it would look really odd if you were not dressed well.


This is just the tip of the iceberg for advice on how to dress for a diner at a fine restaurant and it is always better to be safe than sorry.   






How to take care of your shoes – Gives life to your shoes

Is it not that despite of our body is God made, it requires daily cleaning bathing and other necessary cosmetics to look good and healthy and we need regular diet to remain fit and last long? Our shoes are made by craftsman  and that too with the skin of the dead animals and manmade synthetic leathers, vinyl and canvas etc that too require daily care and good quality of polish to remain in good condition for long time. Here are some suggestions at how to take care of your shoes.


The pair of shoes you use on regular basis must be treated with care. The shoe in use should be cleaned every day after the use so that the dirt is not getting settled on the upper of the shoe and the debris is not remaining stuck to the sole of the shoe.


Never put your wet leather shoes in direct sunlight it can spoil the color and shape of your shoes, Dry it with some cloth and put the waste papers inside the shoes. It will save the shoe’ shape from distorting.


Polish your shoes daily. Daily polish not only gives shining to the shoes but gives it life for longer period. If your jogging shoes are looking dirty and tired, Put them in washer for a while and then dry with dryer, put a new set of shoe laces. You will find them as good as new one. Is it not easy to learn as how to take care of your shoes?  Just few simple steps to take care of your shoes so that they always remain like a new pair.




Eliminate the confusion of how to dress for a cocktail party

Being in the right dress code at an occasion is the concern of all as no one wants to be the odd one out in any party. Many people suffer from the confusion concerning the dress code of different parties. Sometimes ignorance of these techniques lands us in awkward situations. To avoid such awkwardness in cocktail parties one should know how to dress for a cocktail party. Such parties are places where we convene with friends and acquaintances etc. It is also a gathering for apparent business clients which necessitate the point of creating impression.


Before selecting an outfit we need to consider the invitation for it differs with friends and official acquaintances. Though party and fun are always associated with each other, the code of conduct shouldn’t be violated. Going beyond the lines will land us in a messed up situation making it an embarrassing situation. The way we carry an outfit and our comfort associated with it is extremely important. Our sense of uneasiness is easily noticed in our body language drawing unwelcoming stares.


Though some common feature are always associated with dress code concerning different parties, elegant innovations to it is not forbidden. Accessories should always go with the attire for it is not a carnival and shoes should always be in sync with the dress.


These are the tips for how to dress for a cocktail party.