How to take care of your shoes – Gives life to your shoes

Is it not that despite of our body is God made, it requires daily cleaning bathing and other necessary cosmetics to look good and healthy and we need regular diet to remain fit and last long? Our shoes are made by craftsman  and that too with the skin of the dead animals and manmade synthetic leathers, vinyl and canvas etc that too require daily care and good quality of polish to remain in good condition for long time. Here are some suggestions at how to take care of your shoes.


The pair of shoes you use on regular basis must be treated with care. The shoe in use should be cleaned every day after the use so that the dirt is not getting settled on the upper of the shoe and the debris is not remaining stuck to the sole of the shoe.


Never put your wet leather shoes in direct sunlight it can spoil the color and shape of your shoes, Dry it with some cloth and put the waste papers inside the shoes. It will save the shoe’ shape from distorting.


Polish your shoes daily. Daily polish not only gives shining to the shoes but gives it life for longer period. If your jogging shoes are looking dirty and tired, Put them in washer for a while and then dry with dryer, put a new set of shoe laces. You will find them as good as new one. Is it not easy to learn as how to take care of your shoes?  Just few simple steps to take care of your shoes so that they always remain like a new pair.



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